Filedtrip Steinernes Meer 7/2021

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Two members of the Elevate-Team (Gerit and Moritz) spent a four days fieldtrip at the Steinernes Meer, a more than 2000 m elevated  low relief landscape within the Northern Calcareous Alps (Fig. 1). Due to their karstifiable rocks most water run-off happens underground leaving behind an abundance of epiphreatic caves far above the current base-level (Fig. 2). In various caves, as well as on the plateau landscape, allogenic rounded pebbles can be found (Fig. 3, 4, 5). Finding and dating these so called Augenstein deposits is the main focus of this project. If paragenetic deposition of dated cave sediments can be assumed, the incision history (and corresponding uplift history) from the latest Miocene until today might be unraveled.